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Case Study: Federal Drug Conspiracy Target Cleared of Charges

Nov 6, 2018

Federal Criminal Target—Represented a client who was the target of a federal drug conspiracy investigation, worked with client and investigator and negotiated with U.S. Attorney’s Office which resulted in my client not being charged with a crime. Client did not cooperate with Government.

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“Carnell was patient and efficient. He made me feel like he cared, and most importantly, got the job done!”

- J.D.
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“I endorse this lawyer’s work. Anytime I get a call of one needing representation or if a client has a DUI/DWI issue, I refer them to Carnell. He’s thorough, precise, knowledgeable and touch. I encourage you to call him for a consultation.”

- G.H.
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“Carnell is a fine attorney who is very diligent in handling cases for his client. I highly recommend him.”

- E.M.
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