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Misdemeanor Crimes

Misdemeanor Penalties for Immigrants in Charlotte

You should contact a Charlotte immigration defense lawyer from my firm at once when you have been arrested for a misdemeanor, to receive legal advice and aggressive representation. This includes charges such as drug crimesDWIsex crimes, theft crimes and traffic offenses. My name is Attorney Carnell Johnson, and I have many years of experience providing trusted immigration criminal defense in Mecklenburg County & Union County for clients who have been accused of misdemeanor crimes. You can count on me to do everything I can to vigorously challenge the prosecution. I provide my services as a counselor at law in English and Spanish and am ready to speak with you as soon as possible.
Misdemeanor crimes are offenses that are less serious than felony crimes, but which can still result in penalties with severe consequences in both your personal and professional life. In addition to the effect of conviction on immigration status, you could be facing:

  • Supervised or unsupervised probation
  • Jail time
  • Fines and court fees
  • Restitution
  • Mandatory counseling
  • Community service
  • Driver’s license suspension

Misdemeanor Charges and Immigration Problems

A misdemeanor conviction will result in a criminal record capable of restricting future opportunities in life, such as making it impossible to receive an immigration visa or costing you the chance to apply forcitizenship/naturalization, which depends on proving that you are a person of good moral character. If your offense is considered by immigration authorities to be a crime of moral turpitude, you may even be deported. Whenever possible I will seek a reduction in charges or case dismissal. If you are a first-time offender, I can also pursue a deferred sentence which would lead to a case dismissal once you have completed the program requirements.


Immigrants Facing Charges of Shoplifting in Charlotte: Your Status in the US
In our state, shoplifting is the crime of concealing merchandise in a store, and is typically charged as a misdemeanor. An immigrant charged with shoplifting however, could potentially be facing deportation and denial of naturalization. That makes shoplifting a very serious charge for immigrants, which must be legally addressed. You can be arrested for shoplifting if unpaid items are found in your purse or pocket, whether you have left the store or not. If you are an immigrant accused of shoplifting, you are urged to contact a Charlotte immigration defense lawyer for immediate legal protection.
My name is Attorney Carnell Johnson and my firm provides criminal defense counsel to immigrant clients charged with shoplifting. Under recently enacted statutes, you can be charged with Class H felony shoplifting if you remove, deactivate or destroy an anti-shoplifting device to prevent it from turning on when you leave a retail establishment with merchandise, or try to obtain merchandise at a lower price by using fake product codes. I can give you legal advice regarding the charges against you, and the steps that can be taken in your defense.

Shoplifting Defense Attorney for Immigrants in Charlotte

I worked in the NJ Attorney General’s Office and Mecklenburg County Public Defender’s Office before beginning my practice, and I have over 10 years of litigation experience. I am very familiar with ways of mitigating criminal charges against immigrants. I know this is a difficult time for you, and I will use whatever legal measures are necessary when fighting the charges against you. Call my office today to discuss what steps can immediately be taken to protect your rights. I also represent clients in Mecklenburg and Union Counties.

Contact a Charlotte misdemeanor crime attorney if you have been charged and want to avoid the negative consequences to your immigration status.

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