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Deportation Defense in Charlotte

If you are a non-U.S. citizen facing deportation, contact a Charlotte immigration lawyer for dedicated legal representation. Deportation is life-changing and occurs when an immigrant is formally removed by the federal government for violating immigration or criminal laws. It can also happen when an immigrant in the United States is caught without the necessary documents. Severe outcomes of deportation may result, such as losing the right to return to the United States.

Immigrant removal is done through legal means and immigrants have the right to legal rights and due process. Attorney Carnell Johnson is a seasoned immigration lawyer fit for deportation defense. He is a member of the North Carolina Advocates for Justice, North Carolina Bar Association, and Mecklenburg County Bar Association. He serves clients in Mecklenburg and Union County and offers both valuable deportation counsel and legal defense options.

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What Offenses Can Result in Deportation?

An immigrant can be deported from the United States for a variety of reasons. Circumstances leading to deportation may include entering the country illegally, among other causes:

  • Marriage fraud
  • Willful misrepresentation
  • Visa overstays
  • Status violation
  • Unlawful presence (ULP)
  • Immigration documents falsification 
  • Obtaining employment contrary to visa terms 
  • Aggravated felony criminal conviction
  • Guilty verdict in a criminal case involving moral turpitude

If convicted in a criminal case, an immigrant can be rapidly deported and must be knowledgeable about immigration court and deportation through sound legal advice. It’s important to immediately seek counsel from an immigration lawyer upon any alleged immigrant law violation. If the crime an immigrant is accused of is a felony such as murder, rape, drug trafficking, or sexual abuse of a child, consequences are severe. In the case of visa overstays, immigrants are required to follow a set of conditions allowing them to reside in the United States. Failing to abide by established conditions may result in deportation.

Johnson & Nicholson provides effective representation in Charlotte at deportation hearings and will aggressively defend and protect a client’s rights.

How Does the Deportation Process Work?

In the face of deportation or removal from the United States, immigrants may be able to leave the U.S. under voluntary departure. Those appearing in immigration court before an immigration judge will most likely go through several steps of the process and undergo several hearings. Having strong and experienced legal representation is the most significant factor in determining the outcome of an immigrant’s case.

Before a person can be deported, the federal government must prove that deportation is necessary. This allocates time for an immigrant to hire an attorney. Upon hiring a lawyer for a deportation defense, it’s important to ask thorough questions and be well-informed on the status of a temporary visa, I-130 petitions, deportation hearings, and any other applicable information you may need.

Deportation requires effective representation at deportation hearings in order to ensure you are receive the best possible defense and outcome.

Contact a deportation defense attorney in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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