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Sex Crimes

Sex Crime Defense for Immigrants in Charlotte

A conviction for a crime such as rape or child pornography is likely to place you in danger of removal from this country. Aggravated felonies and crimes of moral turpitude are on the list of deportable offenses, and most sex crimes fall into either or both of these categories. A Charlotte immigration defense attorney from my firm may be able to negotiate a reduction of the charges to a less serious crime which will not threaten your immigration status, as well as the possibility of seeking to have the charges dropped or securing an acquittal. I am Attorney Carnell Johnson, and I can meet with you to discuss the situation in English or Spanish. I know what a stressful time this may be for you, and I am prepared to stand by you throughout the entire process of defending against the effect of conviction on immigration status.
Sex crimes include sexual assault, sexual battery, solicitation of a minor, lewd behavior, indecent exposure, child pornography, prostitution and solicitation, and you may be charged with a misdemeanor crime or a felony crime, depending on the circumstances of the alleged offense. In addition to the possibility of deportation, a guilty verdict in a sex crime case can result in:

  • Probation
  • Incarceration
  • Fines and court fees
  • Restitution
  • Psychological counseling
  • Sex offender registration

My firm has extensive immigration criminal defense experience representing clients charged with sex crimes. I will conduct an in-depth investigation of the evidence against you, looking for weaknesses in the prosecution’s case which could lead to a favorable outcome. I have considerable trial experience and provide confident representation in negotiations and in court.

Defending Immigrants in Mecklenburg County & Union County

Our state prosecutes sex crimes vigorously, and district attorneys do not want to be perceived as being soft on this type of offense. Personal information regarding sex offenders, including photographs, home address and detailed information about the conviction are made available to the public on the internet, and if you are not deported you will likely be required to take part in this program. Your future may depend on the outcome of this situation, and I will do everything I can to achieve a successful resolution for you.


Are you an immigrant charged with rape?

A conviction for rape can result in you being deported and forbidden from returning to this country. It is classified as a crime of moral turpitude, as well as an aggravated felony, making it sufficient grounds for removal. Due to the extreme nature of the offense, federal immigration authorities are usually quick to initiate deportation proceedings when a permanent resident or holder of an immigration visa is convicted, and to prevent this outcome you must take action now. An experienced Charlotte immigration defense attorney may be able to negotiate to have the charges reduced to a non-deportable defense or seek to have them dropped for lack of sufficient evidence. I am Attorney Carnell Johnson, and I will do everything I can to protect your rights, including going to trial to pursue your acquittal if necessary.
Rape is the crime of non-consensual or forced sexual intercourse. This can include spousal rape, date rape and statutory rape. This sex crime typically involves the use of force, threats or intimidation, but also includes situations where the alleged victim was incapable of giving consent due to:

  • Age, such as a minor younger than 16
  • Mental or physical incapacity
  • The alleged victim was under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Immigrant Rape Charges in Mecklenburg County or Union County

Under state law, a person younger than 16 years of age is considered incapable of consenting to sexual intercourse. In cases involving minors the age of the alleged victim, and the age difference between the minor and the accused, will determine the severity of the charges. Date rape is the crime of raping a person after a social engagement, often with the use of date rape drugs or the involvement of excessive alcohol consumption. Many rape allegations are false, and the case often comes down to a contest between the testimony of the victim and defendant. Thorough preparation is key, and it is advisable to retain an attorney early to maximize your chances of success.

Child Pornography Defense for Immigrants in Charlotte

If you have been arrested and charged with any type of offense related to child pornography, your right to stay legally in this country is at risk. The government regards this type of sex crime as a crime of moral turpitude, and in addition to penalties such as fines and prison, you face the very real possibility of deportation without the option to apply for a new immigration visa. Call Attorney Carnell Johnson for help fighting the charges. I am committed to getting the best possible result in my practice as a Charlotte immigration defense lawyer, and I can consult with you about your options in English or Spanish.
Child pornography is the depiction of children under the age of 18 engaging in sexual acts, or the showing of a child’s genitalia. Child pornography in any form, including video, film and images distributed over the Internet, is prohibited by state and federal laws, such as the Child Online Protection Act and the Children’s Internet Protection Act. Offenses involving child pornography include:

  • Possession
  • Manufacture
  • Distribution
  • Access with intent to view

Various government agencies are often involved in child pornography investigation and prosecution, including the FBI, Department of Justice, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service and U.S. Customs. They often use sting operations, such as posing as online buyers or sellers.
Child Pornography Charges and Your Immigration Status
Government agencies spend considerable money and will use extensive resources to locate and arrest individuals suspected of child pornography offenses. In the event that you are convicted and ordered to register as a sex offender; your personal information and details about your alleged crime will be made available to the public through an online database, exposing you to major social stigma. If you have been charged with this crime anywhere in Mecklenburg County & Union County, call today to speak with an experienced counselor at law and to begin work on a plan for avoiding the effect of conviction on immigration status.

Contact a Charlotte sex crime lawyer for dedicated representation throughout the process of fighting your charges.

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