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Assault & Domestic Violence

Charlotte Domestic Violence Lawyer

Our office handles various assaults and domestic violence offenses.  Indeed, a conviction for assault can have serious consequences. If you have been accused of assault, it is important that you take these charges seriously by talking with a lawyer.  It is also important to obtain the names and addresses of any eyewitnesses.  Contact our office for a free consultation, in Charlotte, North Carolina.  We represent clients in Mecklenburg, Union and Gaston counties.

In defending Assault and Domestic Violence cases, eyewitnesses, video footage facebook, and other documentary evidence are essential.

Eyewitnesses can be very important for the defense.  Please be sure to retain contact information, including names and addresses, for any eyewitnesses. Contact our Charlotte office, so we can discuss the development of possible defenses.

Assault & Domestic Violence

At Johnson & Nicholson, we represent clients in the following types of assault crimes in North Carolina:

  • Simple assault
  • Assault on a female /domestic violence
  • Child abuse
  • Restraining orders
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Assault by pointing a gun
  • Carrying a concealed weapon (CCW)
  • Assault on an officer or government official
  • Assault inflicting serious injury
  • All other assault crimes

Domestic Violence

Attorney Johnson has extensive experience in handling domestic violent offenses, such as 50B violations.  In many instances, domestic violence charges relate to child custody or divorce proceedings.  Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to provide adequate representation with insight into the other familial proceedings.

A conviction of a domestic violence offense can lead to incarceration, participation in intense diversionary programs or intense supervised probation.   Contact our office so that we can explain the potential consequences to an Assault or a Domestic Violence conviction.

Criminal Defense for those charged with Domestic Violence

It is best to start early on the task of building a defense for domestic violence charges, to obtain the most accurate witness statements and any physical evidence of abuse or lack of thereof. If you and the alleged victim want to continue your relationship, I can asst you with petitioning the court to remove an automatic restraining order, but until then you must avoid direct contact as it can lead to further criminal charges if you are caught.

Immigrants who face charges of domestic violence in Mecklenburg County & Union County are in danger of being deported, as this crime is on the list of offenses which provide grounds for removal. The most effective thing you can do to maximize your chances of avoiding the effects of conviction on immigration status is to contact a Charlotte immigration defense lawyer immediately. Contact Attorney Carnell Johnson today to discuss your concerns and begin work on a plan for resolving the situation. I speak English and Spanish and am ready to fight for your right to stay in this country. If you act now, it may be possible to negotiate to have the charges reduced to a non-deportable offense or to have them dropped, and we can also seek an acquittal in court.

Defending Charlotte Immigrants Charged With Domestic Violence

A domestic violence call from a home automatically triggers a response from the police. Even when the two parties decide it was a misunderstanding and simply a case of tempers getting out of control, the police are required to file a complaint and press charges. The alleged victim’s lack of desire to press charges is not a factor, as you face prosecution from the state. I will represent you as the case progresses, doing everything I can to achieve the best possible outcome. My goal is not only to help you avoid the criminal consequences of a conviction, such as jail time and probation, but also to prevent this situation from resulting in your deportation or costing you the opportunity to apply for citizenship/naturalization.

Contact a Charlotte domestic violence attorney for a consultation about your rights and to learn what you can do to avoid suffering the consequences of a conviction.

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