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Drug Trafficking

Contact Johnson & Nicholson Charlotte Attorneys for Legal Assistance if You Have Been Charged with Drug Trafficking

Marijuana trafficking is on the rise across the country and our state is no exception. Law enforcement officials on the state and federal levels are tracking down cannabis growers and the Charlotte courts have the power to hand out stiff penalties to anyone convicted of cultivation.

The police and federal agencies are cracking down on this activity wherever it occurs, both in large-scale operations and in private homes using hydroponic equipment.

What if You Are Convicted for a Drug Crime?

A conviction for a drug crime such as trafficking is grounds for the Federal Government to deport you, whether you are here on an immigration visa or if you have attained permanent resident status.

It is advisable to contact a Charlotte immigration defense attorney as soon as possible to maximize your chances of avoiding a conviction.

Contact Johnson & Nicholson Charlotte Attorneys for Legal Representation against Drug Trafficking Charges

Attorney Carnell Johnson along with the experienced team of lawyers at Johnson & Nicholson offers  consultation in both Spanish and English for drug crimes of any sort. We serve clients in Mecklenburg County & Union County, striving to provide the best possible service to individuals in your situation.

The government takes drug related offenses seriously, and you will likely be targeted with aggressive prosecution. No matter what type of evidence there may be against you, there is a possibility that we can negotiate to have the charges reduced to a non-deportable crime or to have them dropped altogether. If it is necessary to go to trial to secure your acquittal, we are also prepared to fight aggressively on your behalf.

Punishments against Drug Trafficking Crimes

If you are found in possession of drug plants or seeds in volumes between 10 – 49 lbs, you will have to pay up to $5,000 in fines and spend as long as 30 months in prison.

The penalties grow steadily more severe in proportion to the amount of marijuana you are accused of cultivating – 50 – 1,999 lbs incurs a sentence as long as 42 months and raises the fine to as high as $25,000.

You may or may not serve the full term of your sentence before the government carries out your removal.

Get Legal Defense against Drug Trafficking Charges and Avoid Deportation with the Help of Johnson & Nicholson Attorneys

Contact a Charlotte drug cultivation lawyer for aggressive defense when you face criminal penalties because of a drug crime and are if you are nearing the threat of being deported.

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