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Immigrant Visas – Green Cards

Immigration Attorney

Do you or someone you know need legal assistance with obtaining a green card? If so, it is critical that you seek the competent legal help of an attorney who knows how to get the results you want. It is highly advised that you consult with our firm as soon as possible. The firm focuses on thorough, individualized solutions for all types of immigration matters, including those involving immigrant visas.

A green card allows an immigrant to live and work in the United States, usually for an indefinite period of time. There are several avenues for obtaining a green card, such as being sponsored by an employer or a family member, investment or business immigrant visas, visas for battered spouses, and the Diversity Visa Lottery. A green card is an identification card which shows that you are a United States Permanent Resident. You must meet certain conditions and file renewals in order to maintain your green card status. Failure to timely do so could result in your removal.

Other methods exist for obtaining a green card. It is important that you arrange to speak with the immigration attorneys at our firm to find out how you may qualify for and obtain a green card.

The firm offers a free 30-minute initial consultation in which you can discuss your immigration matter directly with the attorney who can advise you on what needs to be done to achieve your objectives. We also provide consultations via telephone and Skype and/or Yahoo Messenger!

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