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Chinese-Speaking Immigration & Criminal Law Attorneys

Johnson & Nicholson, PLLC specializes in immigration and criminal law for those facing deportation or a removal order in Charlotte and western North Carolina. We provide Chinese-speaking immigration and criminal attorneys for the most effective legal advice and representation. A clear understanding of your rights under immigration law and the complex legal system is essential.

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Benefits of a Bilingual and Chinese-Speaking Attorney

As immigration law and the legal system become more complicated, it’s important to have an experienced Chinese-speaking immigration lawyer when Chinese is your primary language. A bilingual attorney fluent in Chinese can effectively handle language barrier issues and clearly communicate each detail to the client. They ensure cases are translated and interpreted correctly throughout the entire process.

Johnson & Nicholson’s Chinese-speaking attorneys also prepare Chinese-speaking witnesses appropriately. Our Chinese-speaking immigration attorneys assure all information and testimony is accurately translated. Further, they successfully avoid circumstances in which information and testimony can be miscommunicated.

Navigating the Legal System with a Chinese-Speaking Attorney

Immigration and criminal cases can be sensitive and stressful for clients—even more so when Chinese is a natural or primary language instead of English. Understanding the client’s perspective, who they are, and where they come from is critical.

Johnson & Nicholson’s open and consistent communication demonstrated by attorneys guarantee they stay in touch with each client throughout the entire process. Our attorneys do so effectively without any cause for concern of a language barrier.

All attorneys at Johnson & Nicholson go above-and-beyond for each client. Our Chinese-speaking attorneys, and all attorneys, are ready and willing to provide legal support at any time in immigration and criminal law.

Legal Counsel for Immigration Law Violation Cases

Immigrants can be subject to deportation proceedings upon order or a minor criminal conviction. A Chinese-speaking immigration and criminal attorney is necessary to understand the details of immigration law and whether you are eligible for relief or not. Our personalized services from Chinese-speaking attorneys produce detailed answers and legal assistance regarding deportation or removal.

Johnson & Nicholson’s experienced Chinese-speaking immigration and criminal law attorneys provide effective representation in the court of law.

To discuss your legal options, schedule a free consultation with Johnson & Nicholson, PLLC.

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