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Driving While Impaired

DWI Defense for Immigrants in Charlotte

Under state law, a police officer or state trooper may stop a driver when there is sufficient evidence to provide “reasonable articulable suspicion” that the person is involved in some manner of criminal wrongdoing, such as driving while impaired. If you have been arrested for DWI after being stopped by law enforcement, or following an accident or a stop at a DWI checkpoint, it is recommended that you contact a Charlotte defense lawyer right away. An attorney will be able to thoroughly investigate your charges in the pursuit of a case outcome in which those charges are reduced or dismissed. In addition to the serious DWI penalties, you must avoid the effect of conviction on immigration status.
Once you have been stopped on suspicion of DWI, it is likely that you will have to perform a number of physical actions known as “field sobriety tests,” which may include:

  • Walk-and-turn
  • One-legged stand
  • Horizontal gaze nystagmus

It is not mandatory that you take these tests, but it is important to know that if you do decline, your refusal could be brought up in court.  These tests are notorious for their lack of accuracy, as they depend largely upon the police officer’s individual ability to administer the tests and observe the outcome. Conditions such as the individual’s physiology or shoes, roadside gravel, inclement weather or heavy traffic can make it difficult to pass.

Immigration Defense Attorney Serving Mecklenburg County, Union County and Gaston County
Attorney Carnell Johnson, has provided legal assistance to countless individuals faced with criminal charges, including driving while impaired. I understand that a DWI charge can be among the most complex to defend, and will competently and aggressively defend you.  Depending on the circumstances, you may be at risk of deportation, as well as the fact that a conviction may prevent you from being eligible for citizenship/naturalization. I have experience defending against drunk driving charges, and I am committed to helping you fight to avoid the consequences of a conviction.

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“I endorse this lawyer’s work. Anytime I get a call of one needing representation or if a client has a DUI/DWI issue, I refer them to Carnell. He’s thorough, precise, knowledgeable and touch. I encourage you to call him for a consultation.”

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